We do Antiracist Journalism

A vision + black, a reality + clear

We are your ally in the battle against disinformation. Our team is dedicated to reshaping the news landscape in Colombia, bringing you the power of racially filtered news, in-depth criticism and ethical journalism.

Welcome to the backstage!

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Here we fight disinformation like superheroes fight crime.

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Ethno-educational journalism

Ethno-education plays a vital role in storytelling. It also provides professionals with the knowledge and understanding necessary to act without bias or stereotypes.

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Black and peripheral content

We took on the task of narrating reality through the racial in Colombia. This is the essence of black journalism. We strive to provide authentic information that challenges the status quo.

about us

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We do rigorous journalism. we assume the political character of valuing black knowledge and culture, as well as the task of demanding rights and questioning the State in all dimensions of daily life.


In the first 5 years, we will consolidate ourselves through informative spaces with a local and black perspective that will invite to think, discuss and express power from a racial perspective.


Discover the other Colombia with Black Journalism

Choose side BLACK side of the story. Enrich your perspective, promote equality and join the wave of change with Racial Journalism in Colombia. We want to reform the focus of the information you consume.

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Hi, I’m Valentina Arango, a journalist who dreams of being a superhero.

Since I was a child, I was fascinated by superhero movies, but I never felt identified with the main characters, because they were very different from me.

I’m a black woman, and I didn’t see many heroines who looked like me on screen. That’s why I decided to create my own website, where I can give prominence to black people, who are also heroes in their own way.

On this site, you will find news, features, interviews, and opinions on issues that affect and interest the black community. You will also see my photo with a superhero costume, because I believe we can all be superheroes if we use our talents and passion to do good.


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Would you like to be part of this revolution?

Join our team as a volunteer and contribute to illuminate Colombia’s invisible narratives. As a volunteer, you will be on the front lines of the fight for racial equality, helping to bring to light the untold stories of our Afro-Colombian and Indigenous communities.